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    Are Government Rent Checks Real or Scam?

    In this review, we’ll be looking at whether Federal Rent Checks (aka Government Rent Checks) is a scam or whether you can really get a check of more than $1500 every month.

    The Money Maps Press latest video shows how ordinary people are getting these kinds of checks monthly. But is that really possible? Is it possible to just put your money on a distribution list and wait for the money to roll in?

    Read on to find out.

    What is Money Map Press?

    Money Map Press is an investment company that gives its subscribers financial advice.

    According to Money Map Press’ website, the agency is headed by Mike Ward.

    However, the Federal Rent Checks program was created by Mr. D.R. Barton as discussed in this Federal Rent Checks expose by nobsimreviews.com

    Money Map Press states that Mr. Barton is a New York Times bestselling author and is a financial advisor for Money Map Press.

    The website also states that the creator has been on tv shows like Fox Business and CNBC.

    As for Money Map Press, they offer newsletters for several different that range from Real estate investment trusts to cryptocurrencies. Money Map Press has been around for a while and has mixed responses on their various products.

    How does Federal Rent Checks work?

    What Mr. D.R. Barton is trying to sell is a fantasy using a fancy term like Federal Rent Checks, but it’s just earning returns by investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts. 

    Money Maps Press wants you to think that all you have to do to earn a lot of money is to sign up to those distribution lists. But what you really have to do to sign up to these distribution lists is to own stocks within the companies that are listed.

    Can you earn money with Federal Rent Checks? Sure but like stocks, there s always risks involved. That’s why you should not buy shares in a company with money you don’t have. Since the program does not have a compensation plan, the only way to earn some money is through their newsletters to their subscribers, and even then no one can foretell which way the market will go. 

    Is Federal Rent Checks a Scam?

    At its core, Federal Rent Checks is not what they say it is. You simply don’t just get on a waiting list and start getting money. The marketing term they use make it seem like its really easy to sign up and start earning money. The program is really just an investment program, and that’s it. 

    The video states that with just $11, you can start earning Federal Rent Checks, but that’s a lie. All your doing is buying a stock in a rental property that federal agencies have to pay rent for. 

    There is some truth to what D.R.Barton’s exaggerated video says. There are government agencies that have deals with private landowners. These landowners charge the federal agencies money to use their property. The government is legally required to pay rent to the private landowners. 

    The sales pitch video will tell you that the process is a government program which is also not true. It also has nothing to do with social security. It is, however, an IRS regulation that a of people don’t know about. 

    Federal Rent Checks may not be a Scam, but it has a lot of exaggerated facts that are worth being very cautious of. 


    So, can the Federal Rent Checks program make you money? Yes, but you have to invest a lot of money in the properties. You also have to sign up to Money Maps Press newsletter which will cost you about $39-$79 depending on which package you want. 
    The company also doesn’t have any refunds, so you have a loss as soon as you start the program. 

    But the truth is, $11 won’t get you the results that are shown in the video. The dividends that you will earn will be in pennies and in order to make a significant amount of earnings, you will have to put in thousands of dollars. Also, in order to make money, you will have to be shown which buildings to invest in. And that’s the whole point of the presentation video. It’s just a plan to get you to sign up for the 10 Minute Millionaire newsletter.

    Overall, Money Maps Press is not an investment agency worth trying out. They use too many tricks to attract people to their newsletter. Although they have excellent investment advice in the newsletters, it is really not enough to subscribe to their program.

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